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H.A.L.O. Foundation - Sarah's Story

Sarah Pinshaw, age 3, contracted meningitis in the fall of 1991. Complications from her illness resulted in permanent neurological impairment, including the loss of her ability to speak, walk and consistently control her body.

Sarah's eventual institutionalization inspired her parents to establish the Help A Little One (H.A.L.O.) Foundation to enhance the lives of hundreds of children residing in Massachusetts pediatric nursing homes. Family members visit Sarah regularly and bring her treats, love and support. They celebrate her accomplishments and accept that they occur on a smaller scale than once hoped for.

Although Sarah is not able to fulfill the dreams her family once had for her, she is generally healthy, free of pain, responsive to their efforts, and she appears to be content.

H.A.L.O. welcomes your contributions in support of children with neurological impairment

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