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Newsletters - Fall 2023

Founder's Message

H.A.L.O.’s Gifts Can Be Life Changing For Our ‘Little Ones’

Dear Friends,

The Help A Little One Foundation is all about quality of life for young people challenged by neurological impairment and complex medical conditions.

When meningitis debilitated our daughter Sarah 31 years ago, our family despaired because she would not experience the fulfilling life we had imagined for her. After a mourning period we finally accepted her new reality and began to focus on how we could help Sarah make the most of her new world.

Fortunately, our family has resources to provide conveniences and devices to enrich her existence and make her physically comfortable. Not every one is so lucky.

One of our most popular programs helps families purchase costly adaptive equipment that is life enhancing but not medically necessary, therefore not insurance reimbursable. (Please visit HALO.ORG to learn about all our programs.)

At first glance the adaptive bath chair we funded for Anthony (top photo) may not appear to be life changing, but its support system reduces slippage in the tub, eases straining for his caregiver and allows him to safely enjoy water play, a perennial childhood pleasure.

H.A.L.O. has funded countless adaptive tricycles like Natasha’s (bottom photo.) The therapeutic benefits of bike riding are both physical and social-emotional. Riding increases range of motion and motor coordination and also fosters a sense of independence and inclusion with the child’s peer group. Families are effusive in their appreciation because the cost of a tricycle ranges from $500 to nearly $2000 depending on the extent of adaptation needed.

Thankfully the community of children with severe impairment is relatively small. We are committed to the well being of our "Little Ones” and the people who make their days comfortable and fulfilling.

As always, we are grateful for your continued interest and support.


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