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H.A.L.O. Foundation - Our Gifts

Initially, H.A.L.O. bestowed teddy bears and hair bows, snuggly bathrobes and boom boxes to individuals on birthdays and other special occasions. Today, the Foundation underwrites purchases of some assistive devices and/or equipment for children who are cared for at home.

H.A.L.O. also funds programs to improve the social climate of nursing homes and medically-staffed H.A.L.O. Holidays group vacations.

H.A.L.O. is the primary benefactor of Family Circle, a non-sectarian resource center managed by Jewish Family and Children's Services of Boston. To learn more about Family Circle services click here.

H.A.L.O. welcomes your contributions in support of children with neurological impairment

You may designate your donation for General Purposes, In Memoriam -- to remember a friend, relative or colleague -- or Tribute --in honor of a special friend or occasion.

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