About Us

H.A.L.O. Foundation - Board Members


Alan Pinshaw, M.D.

Founder and President

Paul Chervin, M.D.

Vice President

Julius Levin

Vice President

Scott C. Gladstone, Esq.


Michael Alper, M.D.


Ian L. Katz, M.D.


Ronald Marcus, MD

Member at Large

Board of Directors

Rebecca Dalpe, Esq.

Sigal Klipstein, MD

Gayle Pinshaw

Susan Treisman Mirageas

Julia Wicoff

Advisors to the Board

Harvey Levy, M.D

Peter Mowschenson, M.D.

Ellen O’Gorman

Michael Ronthal,M.D.

Rabbi Donald M. Splansky, Ph.D., D.D., D.Hum.

Harry Webster, M.D.

H.A.L.O. welcomes your contributions in support of children with neurological impairment

You may designate your donation for General Purposes, In Memoriam -- to remember a friend, relative or colleague -- or Tribute --in honor of a special friend or occasion.

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