H.A.L.O. Foundation - Children's Advisory Network

H.A.L.O. established the Children's Advisory Network (CAN) in 2010 to help families navigate the complex regulations governing care of people with disabilities in Massachusetts.

Disability law and advocacy is very specialized. Even highly educated individuals can struggle with the system, and language or cultural mores can further interfere with understanding. Families sometimes fear that an appeal will cause termination of other services.

The goal of H.A.L.O. CAN is to assist families with limited resources to:

  • Understand and file forms at appropriate times, including guardianship and other complicated paperwork
  • Provide emergency legal services when necessary, including appeals on denials of expensive medications, medical devices, or short term stays in nursing homes
  • Obtain legal advice in matters affecting their child's care

H.A.L.O. CAN volunteers are licensed, experienced lawyers who specialize in Massachusetts disability and advocacy law. If family needs exceed the volunteer capacity, we can provide a list of law firms that specialize in advocacy for children with complex neurological and physical conditions.

Families can contact H.A.L.O. CAN through the administrator of their child's pediatric facility or click here.

H.A.L.O. welcomes your contributions in support of children with neurological impairment

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